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5 Stages of DevOps Evolution.

No organisation is fully mature in every aspect of the digital adoption journey. When integrating a DevOps infrastructure in your business, it is important to consider maturity across multiple dimensions and adapt tools, teams and processes accordingly to balance throughput, cost as well as risk.

We have outlined the 5 stages of the DevOps Evolution.  Where do you see your business and how can we help you grow to the next stage?

Stage 1: Normalisation

  • Application development teams use version control.
  • Teams deploy on a standard set of operating systems

Stage 2: Standardisation

  • Teams deploy on a single standard operating system
  • Build on a standard set of technology

Stage 3: Expansion

  • Individuals can do work without manual approval outside the team
  • Deployment patterns for building apps/services are reused
  • Infrastructure changes are tested before deploying to production

Stage 4: Automated Infrastructure Delivery

  • System configurations are automated
  • Provisioning is automated
  • System configs are in version control
  • Infrastructure teams use version control
  • Application configs are in version control
  • Security policy configs are automated

Stage 5: Self Service

  • Incident responses are automated
  • Resources are available via self-service
  • Applications are rearchitected based on business needs
  • Security teams are involved in technology design and development

You might be closer than you think to the next stage of digital maturity.  Talk to our knowledge leader about getting a environment assessment done for your organisation.

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