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8 Features of Our Internet of Things (IoT) Platform That Will Elevate Your Enterprise

IoT is a vast and complex kind of support software and acts as a sort of highway to all your data. It offers an elegant solution for data access, collection, analysis, and a variety of other functions. At Fourier IT, our IoT Extended Platform (a suite of components including BI, ML, and AI solutions) has been developed to help manage ongoing tasks and streamline day-to-day business activity. These built-in tools and capabilities bring the best out of your business by facilitating everything from easy communication to the functionality of various applications.

Some of the key benefits of this support software include:

  1. Our Platform is Cloud-Deployable: Cloud deployment simply means that you can access your data from just about anywhere, across multiple supported devices. Cloud deployment is also far safer than on-site storage as the risk for loss of information, or a security breach is reduced. Our IoT platform also allows for customised views, roles, and access levels.
  2. Consolidation of Data, Access, and Management: Since it acts as a central hub for data, our solution provides a single point of contact and engagement for multiple functions and assets, and it helps to integrate reporting across multiple devices too. Software multi-tenancy means several functions can be executed at once.
  3. Operational Dashboards to Monitor Enterprise Processes: One dashboard allows for views of real-time feeds and statuses on various devices, while multiple dashboards can be used for asset classification. Command and control capabilities are also easy to access, and you have the option of geospatial asset representation.
  4. Simplified Command and Control: Access to your data is straightforward, requiring merely a web connection or compatible device. Automated commands and control functions also free up human effort and save time and money. Direct commands instantly affect all devices, and there is no need for a go-between to relay information or instruction.
  5. Streamlined Security: Access control is role-based, which means system access is restricted, and individuals not authorised to gain access will have a tough time making any changes to the system. Our IoT platform offers a single sign-on web-portal that requires logging in once with a single set of user credentials.
  6. Triggers and Alerts: Rule-based alerts range from basic to complex and can be sent through the medium of your choosing. These alerts can even be utilised as triggers to initiate a workflow.
  7. Efficient Operational Reporting: Customised reports can be easily accessed through a log-on mechanism and provide standard time interval reporting. Operational transparency becomes available and means that during every stage of your supply chain management, accountability is possible.
  8. Advance Decision Support: Our IoT platform is big-data ready, and we can expand your operational report mechanism to suit your needs. AI and BI decisions can also be fed directly to the client to benefit them wherever they need it.

Our in-houseIoT platform and stack is scalable and designed specifically around SOA principles which allows for customisation or replacement of components as needed. This means we can offer you a product to accommodate your current enterprise processes in place and unlock value from any stage. If you are keen on transforming the way your business runs at every level, simply fill out our online contact form today, and we will get back to you.

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