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Access Control Solutions for Ultimate Safety and Security

Biometrics systems are becoming pretty mainstream in numerous industries worldwide, and it is no wonder why. These innovative systems use personal, physical data such as fingerprints, unique colour, or the shape of the face to enable secure access control. This ensures that only those granted permission are able to enter your premises. Understandably, security is of the utmost importance to various institutions, from the financial or legal sector to places of higher education and medical establishments. Reasons for needing robust security systems are twofold. Businesses want to keep their staff and customers safe and need to ensure that confidential documents do not get into the wrong hands. Access control answers both needs.

Access Control

Access control systems have several key benefits to multiple industries, including:

  • Enhanced Security: The key benefit of these systems is that they boost security and make it near impossible for the wrong people to get in. While people can easily steal access cards and pin codes, biometrics are ultra-secure. Moreover, if staff lose access cards, they can still get into the building when you use biometric access control, and this ensures more reliability.
  • Mitigates Data Threats: When you protect your documents with access control, you ensure that confidential information never gets into the wrong hands. Much as you use biometrics to control who enters the building, you can also use this to protect essential data applications. This is particularly pertinent to legal firms, psychological institutions, accounting institutions, and medical centres.
  • Record Keeping: These systems streamline with existing computer databases to easily record who enters your premises and record this data safely. If ever you need to check where an employee was, you can check the system. Thus, important information is always at your fingertips.
  • No Buddy Clocking: Added to this, “buddy clocking” becomes a thing of the past, and all employees are held accountable for the time spent at work. This ensures business integrity all year long.
  • Cost-Effective: Since the system can safely and securely run itself and is easily upgradeable and scalable when needed.

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Here at Fourier IT, we have worked tirelessly to create our superior SuperVision access control system. Our team of experts have created this internally developed structure to focus on the various challenges that South African businesses and enterprises experience. When you choose SuperVision, identity management becomes an easy feat, and safety and security is guaranteed. Numerous sectors use these systems, including health care institutions, government departments, legal firms, accounting practices, places of worship, and various enterprises, and biometrics systems are just growing in popularity because of their advanced security benefits.

If you want to up your security and ensure ultimate safety and peace of mind, chat with our friendly team today. We also offer several other services, including solution advisory and architecture, decommissioning services, payment and card services, solution development and integration, and decommissioning services. We look forward to chatting with you and bolstering your internal security mechanisms with our superior technology and expert team.

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