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As online business transactions become increasingly prevalent, ensuring secure signing methods is paramount. While a basic electronic signature suffices for many scenarios, situations involving high-value agreements, sensitive information, or regulatory requirements demand signatures with enhanced identity verification measures.

Digital signatures, a specific type of electronic signature known for its heightened identity assurance and tamperproofing capabilities, are widely utilised to bolster the security of agreements worldwide.

In regions like the United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU), the most secure form of digital signature is the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES). To obtain a QES, signers must undergo face-to-face identification or an equivalent verification process, rendering it the only electronic signature deemed equivalent to a handwritten signature under EU law.

While QES offers superior identity assurance and risk mitigation, its implementation can be cumbersome. Signers are required to either present physical identification in person or undergo a video appointment with a certified agent. Without a digital identity verification method that matches or surpasses face-to-face interaction, signers experience a suboptimal user journey, resulting in prolonged agreement signings and delayed business transactions.

DocuSign ID Verification for Qualified Electronic Signatures and Identity Wallet for QES enhancement

To ensure the highest levels of trust and security, we have introduced DocuSign ID Verification for EU Qualified, our flagship offering within ID Verification Premier.

Utilising advanced AI technology, including sophisticated liveness detection and selfie videos, ID Verification for EU Qualified enables organisations to effortlessly and securely conduct the mandated identity verification process for QES remotely and within minutes. This innovative solution replicates the experience of face-to-face meetings without the inconveniences associated with in-person or video appointments.

Integrated seamlessly into the eSignature workflow, ID Verification for EU Qualified meets the stringent QES identification requirements in the EU and the UK. Signers benefit from a streamlined identification process, while organisations experience accelerated completion times for their most critical documents. With DocuSign ID Verification for EU Qualified, you can:

Streamline identification with mobile-first self-service:

Signers can complete identity verification on their own time in an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface without waiting for an appointment with a live agent.

Mitigate business risk:

AI-enabled liveness detection and selfie comparison help organisations reduce the chance of fraud from deep fakes or identity spoofing.

Comply with QES requirements in the EU and the UK:

Digital certificates are attached to every signature, and verification status is recorded in the eSignature Certificate of Completion for audit purposes.

In our continuous effort to improve user experience while upholding security standards, we are pleased to announce the launch of Identity Wallet for QES. This new feature aims to expedite the signing process for QES agreements.

Upon successful completion of the identity verification process, returning signers have the option to create an Identity Wallet. This innovative feature allows signers to store their identity data, credentials, and associated attributes securely within their native device passkey capability.

By leveraging this stored identity information, signers can effortlessly reapply their credentials to future QES agreements. This streamlined process eliminates the need for repeat identity verification checks, enabling signers to sign QES agreements even faster, while maintaining robust security measures.

Here’s the operational process:

For signers who haven’t established an Identity Wallet, they’re prompted to follow three straightforward steps on their chosen mobile device before accessing an agreement for signature:


Engage in recorded, guided movements


Take a video of themselves


Take a photo of their ID document

A signer can typically complete these identification steps within a few minutes. The identification package is then forwarded to a certified agent for asynchronous review and approval, usually accomplished in less than 15 minutes. Upon successful approval, the signer receives a prompt to access their DocuSign envelope and finalise the process for a QES.

For signers who have already established an Identity Wallet, authentication is required through their device passkey before accessing the document. Adhering to FIDO Authentication standards, signers can utilise their device’s built-in biometric capabilities, such as FaceID or fingerprint scans, to authenticate themselves. Once authentication is successfully completed, they are directed to the document for finalisation, thereby bypassing the necessity to complete steps one to three mentioned above.

ID Verification for EU Qualified finds application across diverse industries, spanning financial services, insurance, legal services, government, healthcare, and life sciences. The integration of DocuSign eSignature with IDV for EU Qualified offers a comprehensive solution to meet QES requirements across various scenarios, including:

Consumer loans

HR work agreements

Cross-border agreements

Notarised agreements

Lease agreements

Clinical trials

Life insurance agreements

Documents that must be in writing by Scot’s law (UK)

“The introduction of DocuSign has significantly simplified the verification of our clients, in particular with regard to the requirements in terms of compliance of the Money Laundering Act. Through safe, digital identification, our clients can comfortably carry out the verification process at home, from the office or from any other location.” – Roosbeh Karimi, Founder of

DocuSign has facilitated compliance with country-specific standards and regulations that extend beyond the eIDAS regulation. Through ID Verification Premier, DocuSign customers gain access to seamlessly integrated partnerships with trust service providers like SwissCom, ZealID, and Itsme.

For instance, businesses in Switzerland can leverage DocuSign’s collaboration with SwissCom to adhere to ZertES, the country’s federal law on electronic signatures. Similarly, organisations based in Germany can ensure compliance with BaFin Anti-Money Laundering (GwG) requirements by utilising ZealID’s QES, identification, and ‘penny-drop’ capabilities integrated within the all-in-one DocuSign solution.

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