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Customised SuperVision Access Control and Biometric Clocking System

While these technological strategies were conventionally used by federal or forensic departments to target more nefarious problems, they have since been integrated into many business settings, saving business owners time, money, and perhaps most importantly, hassle.

Here, we explore the benefits of choosing Fourier IT’s internally developed SuperVision biometric clocking application for various business sectors.

Biometric Clocking System

The Benefits of Biometric Access Control

  • Security Abound: The top benefit of biometric clocking systems is the unparalleled security benefits that they offer. Unlike staff cards or pin codes, biometrics rely on very specific data (namely finger prints, facial recognition, voice recognition, or signature). As such, only approved users can enter the premises, since these attributes are impossible to replicate. Moreover, they keep a clear record of everyone who has entered and exited the building, thus aiding companies in record keeping and security monitoring.
  • Goodbye Buddy Clocking: Unfortunately, time theft is a common phenomenon, and buddy clocking can cost employers a great deal. When you opt for biometric clocking systems, employee accountability is ensured and a clear record of employee comings and goings is upheld.
  • User Ease: While these systems are able to comprehensively track the comings and goings of employees, they are easy to navigate. Once the SuperVision system has been installed by our team and the relevant team members have been trained, the system is super easy to navigate. This ensures that biometrics systems work effortlessly and require minimal effort for optimal functioning.
  • Scalable and Easy to Integrate: Since our biometric applications are scalable, it can increase or decrease as needed. This offers businesses the necessary breathing room to expand operations as they need. Businesses are ever-changing, and a scalable system takes this into account, saving you time and energy down the line.
  • Hassle-Free Security Solution: One of the best parts of biometrics clocking systems is their zero-hassle nature. No longer do employees have to stress about retaining access cards or remembering pin codes and no longer do security personnel have to monitor entrance points. These systems streamline time and make for quick and easy access.

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