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Biometrics Systems: Enhanced Security that Works

Oh biometrics, we hear the term all the time, but what exactly is it? What was once purely relevant to movies about artificial intelligence or sci-fi novels has firmly become something that we use every day when we log onto our mobile phone with a fingerprint. Biometrics systems use physical characteristics (such as face recognition, thumb prints, or iris scanning) to authenticate that a person is who they say they are and subsequently, offer them access into a given space.

Biometrics System

Biometrics systems have steadily become more commonplace in various industries and institutions from medical facilities and law firms to large office blocks and financial corporations. When it comes to these solutions, we proudly offer our internally developed SuperVision access control Biometrics System.

So, what are the benefits when you choose our internally developed biometrics system to navigate access control? Let us have a look!

  1. Security is Enhanced: The number-one advantage of such a system is the unparalleled security that it offers. Biometrics are foolproof, and the system cannot be tricked. While pin numbers can easily get into the wrong hands and access cards can be stolen, you cannot trick a biometric system. This keeps everyone inside your business safe and ensures that only those with authorisation will be able to enter the building. In addition to these benefits, you will also have a clear record of everyone who has entered and exited your office and this means there is always a clear trail.
  2. Buddy-Clocking is a Thing of the Past: Unfortunately, in larger institutions, buddy clocking can occur, and this can impact productivity and erode a sense of trust. When you choose biometrics access control, however, this will not occur, as it is impossible to fake biometrics. This ups the integrity of your organisation and creates a clear message that accountability is a non-negotiable.
  3. User-Ease and Efficiency: Luckily, these systems whilst delivering complex and important support, are easy to navigate. This means that staff, once they have been trained, will easily be able to work the system and in turn, this will speed up the entry process. Long gone are the days of security personnel having to manually input data or remember passwords.
  4. Flexibility: Since SuperVision is fully scalable, you can use it with existing programmes and potential future resources. This allows you to increase and add to your system as needed.

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If you want to enhance business operations and ensure optimal safety, it is time to consider biometrics access control. Our super secure SuperVision Biometrics System is fully scalable and can thus integrate with existing infrastructure, which can streamline the process. Chat with us today and we will happily advise you on the next steps. Be sure to also check out our other service offerings, such as decommissioning services, payment and card services, solution advisory and architecture, and solution development and integration. We look forward to hearing from you!

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