IoT Software for the Optimised Management of Business Operations

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken the world to a new level of technology. Indeed, it has made it possible to streamline daily business operations. We offer you advanced IoT software that consists of BI, AI, and ML solutions. This platform has specifically been designed for optimal management and streamlining of business functions. With a range of functionalities and tools forming part of the IoT software and the extended platform, it is possible to streamline business activities, including the likes of communication for maximum efficiency.

Some of the features of ourIoT software and extended platform are briefly explained below, providing insight as to how your business can benefit.


You can use the cloud-based platform to access business-critical data from anywhere, not just through your on-site server and installed software. Your employees don’t have to be in the office to access the data. The cloud deployment makes the data accessible through multiple devices and from anywhere as long as there is Internet connectivity. With the cloud deployment, you benefit from more data security, lower risk of data loss, and more storage space. Our specific IoT software platform makes it possible to set data access levels, create roles, and customise views.

Single Point of Contact Through a Convenient Dashboard

The software platform includes a user-friendly dashboard that provides for a central access point where you have access to your data, reporting features, and various functions that can be carried out at the same time. This helps to consolidate data and streamline management.

The operational dashboards also enable real-time feeds and notification on device statuses. The platform provides for multiple dashboards that facilitate classification of assets. With the geospatial asset representation and various control capabilities, monitoring and managing devices become straightforward processes since you only require Internet connectivity or a compatible device.

Automation To Reduce Labour-Intensiveness of Monitoring

The IoT software allows for automation through commands, which helps to reduce the time, money, and human resources needed to manage IoT. No relaying of information is required as the direct commands can be applied to all relevant devices with immediate effect.

Security at Its Best with Minimal Effort

Set access control based on roles, eliminating the risk of unauthorised access to restricted levels. The single-point sign-on system ensures streamlined security.

Alerting Features for Ongoing Monitoring

Set alerts are available based on rules and can be used to initiate the workflow. The rules can be as simple or complex as needed. In addition, the alerts can be sent to the medium of choice.

Customised Reporting

Reporting can be customised to meet your particular monitoring needs. These reports are accessible through the logging-on system for set interval reporting. Create more accountability throughout the supply chain control because of operational transparency possible with the customised reporting.

In Conclusion

With our sophisticated IoT software platform, you gain more control. Decision making is supported by the data being ready for access while reporting is customisable. Our solution is scalable to meet your operational requirements. Get in touch for more information on how to simplify operations with the easy-to-use IoT software and extended platform.