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Your organisation’s success hinges on agreements, yet they’re often overlooked and relegated to dull, static files like PDFs. The effort put into creating them ends up wasted, as they sit forgotten in digital or physical archives. Digitalisation efforts are neglected, leading to agreement sprawl: scattered across spreadsheets, emails, and folders, making management a nightmare.

However, agreements hold valuable information about your strategic relationships, commitments, risks, and investments. Instead of benefiting from this data, it remains fragmented, hindering your organisation’s efficiency.

Inefficient agreement management hurts your business, causing wasted time, lost revenue, and increased risk exposure.

  • Finding a specific agreement takes an average of 45 minutes.
  • 31% of contracting professionals struggle to understand existing contract terms, risks, and obligations.

When agreements and their content are hard to locate, teams like sales, legal, and procurement lose valuable time. Sales reps, instead of focusing on generating revenue, are stuck searching for payment terms. This lack of access can result in missed renewal opportunities and errors, damaging your reputation and leading to compliance penalties.

We’re thrilled to introduce a new solution using Docusign Navigator to transform the way you store, manage, and analyse agreements.

DocoSign Navigator in action

Introducing Docusign Navigator, your smart agreement repository

Designed specifically for agreements, it not only gathers all your agreements in one place but also unlocks their hidden insights.

Powered by Docusign AI, Navigator identifies crucial attributes within your agreements, transforming them into structured data. This means you can easily locate agreements, access essential information instantly, and gain valuable insights. Administrators can also control access to agreements within the organisation.

“With Navigator, finding contracts is a breeze. Before, it would take me up to 30 minutes searching across seven different places. Now, Docusign AI helps me track important dates, like NDA expirations, effortlessly.” – Barbara Magalhaes, Business Legal Operations Manager at FalconX.

Drive efficiencies across the organization

Sick of your team wasting time hunting for agreements? Navigator is your go-to solution for effortlessly storing and managing all documents across departments. With powerful search features, users can quickly find relevant agreements by key attributes or specific text. AI does the heavy lifting, showcasing crucial agreement details throughout the user experience. Now, everyone involved in the contract process enjoys enhanced visibility and instant access to vital information.

The best part? All agreements signed with Docusign eSignature are automatically stored in Navigator. Even agreements on third-party paper can be bulk imported, with AI extracting key data to save you time and make your agreements more actionable.

Uncover opportunities to reduce costs

Keeping track of all the terms and obligations in your agreements can be overwhelming, especially with limited resources. Navigator leverages AI to handle time-consuming tasks, such as identifying essential contract attributes.

With this information at your fingertips, you can take advantage of additional features like renewal management. This allows you to delve deeper into your strategic relationships and discover opportunities to save costs. For instance, AI can flag agreements set to auto-renew, empowering your sales team to negotiate better terms, capitalise on upsell opportunities, and stay on top of milestones with automated reminders. Similarly, procurement teams can use this data to avoid costly auto-renewals they don’t need.

Increase oversight and security

In today’s landscape, security and compliance are paramount, especially for your organisation’s valuable assets like agreements. With Navigator’s AI recording agreement data, you can minimise human error.

Moreover, you can leverage agreement access permissions, enabling admins to ensure only authorised users can access specific agreements. For instance, the General Counsel may need access to all completed agreements, while Navigator facilitates agreement access for highly collaborative roles. For example, a sales rep can share a completed agreement with team members or the broader sales group.

Agreement management simplified 

If your organisation finds agreement management challenging, Navigator is here as a seamless extension of eSignature, streamlining the process with AI-driven insights. Say goodbye to lost agreements, searching for specific terms, or wondering which agreement is the latest with a client or vendor. With Navigator, drive efficiencies, discover cost-saving opportunities, and mitigate risks—all within the familiar and trusted Docusign experience.

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