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Is Our Order Management System Right for Your Business?

Whether large, small, or fast-growing, you need to keep up with the demands and challenges your supply chain management presents. Streamlining these processes and find the quickest, most cost-effective, and efficient ways of running your enterprise are the only way to not only stay afloat but ensure the success of your company. For this reason, we at Fourier IT have come up with our OMS (Order Management System) to support the supply chain process of businesses looking for the edge.

What Our Order Management System Can Do for You

Because we saw the need in the industry to simplify labour-intensive tasks, we have designed an order management system to offer businesses complete end-to-end control over ordering, deliveries, invoicing, and supplier-vendor communication. Another objective was to eliminate oversights and errors, thus saving costs on unneeded spending. The benefits of our order management system include:

  1. You can manage the entire order process, from placement to fulfilment and delivery. Reliable and accurate order fulfilment is key to customer satisfaction.
  2. Automated workflow by systemising applicable processes leads to great efficiency too. This requires the use of technology to manage several systems.
  3. Our OMS is GS1 compliant which means it is upheld by a robust system of standards.
  4. Better risk mitigation means evaluating and pinpointing active and potential risks so that you can handle them before any damage is done to the workflow. Our OMS also affords greater supply chain visibility.
  5. The software is cloud-based, which allows for easy access and reduces the risk of losing data on perishable hardware.
  6. The scalable and open technology stack upon which our OMS is built means it is versatile enough to be configured to your business needs, however dynamic they may be. In other words, you can add new features to the system as your business grows.
  7. Our OMS allows for efficient invoice matching, which is usually a labour-intensive task prone to errors. Automating this action in your business translates to plenty of time and potentially money you will be able to save. Invoice integrations between supplier and vendor are also possible.
  8. Your strategic framework or plan for your entire supply chain process comes down to individual user roles and rights, and curating this aspect means greater collaboration, accountability, and more structured, efficient workflow.
  9. Pricing catalogue support through an easy-to-manage, centralised system.
  10. Our Order Management System integrates seamlessly into Pastel software.
  11. Preferential procurement automation of various systems in the company, such as invoice management and data retrieval.

The payoff of investing in and implementing this targeted Order Management System is, ultimately, a business that is free to grow without any glitches holding it back. Automating the right processes frees up your staff for what is important and prevents any costly mistakes. In the end, it’s all about labour-saving, streamlined productivity.  If you are interested in our Order Management System or any of our other products and services, don’t hesitate to leave us your contact details and we will get back to you.


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