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Signs Your Business Might Benefit from a Biometrics Access Control System

As a business owner, several factors put your company at risk of losing money. This includes theft, fraud, and low employee productivity. Learning how to mitigate, or altogether avoid, these factors will not only save you from losing money but may actually boost your financial success. To combat the above-mentioned factors, Fourier IT Innovation has developed an advanced biometrics system, SuperVision, to regulate access control in large or small businesses. We explore a few signs that tell you it may be time to invest in such technology.

Identification and Authentication Take Too Much Time

Passcodes, access tags, entry cards, and paperwork take time and may not always positively identify who enters and leaves your business. Without camera surveillance, there is no way to tell who has access to your premises and even then, security footage can be tampered with or be unable to clearly identify an individual. Anyone with the right card or pass can gain unauthorised entrance, putting your entire business at risk. Biological data analysed by systems using biometrics (such as a fingerprint identification) is unique to one person only and there are fewer ways in which the wrong person can breach your security. With a biometrics system, identification and authentication become accurate and effortless.

You Never Know Where Your Employees Are

For larger corporations, it may be difficult to keep tabs on employees. While micromanaging your staff will certainly not improve their productivity, you can still ensure they are where they need to be. With a biometrics system, you can better monitor some of the following problem areas:

  • Employees who consistently arrive late or leave work too early unnoticed.
  • Taking excessive or prolonged lunch and tea breaks during working hours.
  • Buddy punching for co-workers and friends.
  • Unwanted or unauthorised visitors being allowed into the building by employees.
  • Interdepartmental thefts.
  • Claiming overtime without the ability to prove it.

For employees paid by the hour, just link your biometrics access control system to their month-end payroll.

The Best Way to Ensure Accountability

In the unfortunate event of a crime or accident, it can be difficult to trace the party at fault. Blame is often shifted and it may be easy for the negligent or guilty party to cover their tracks. A biometrics system, on the other hand, captures, analyses, and matches biological data to exact individuals and times, so there’s no way to conceal who has entered or left the building.

You Lack a Centralised Security System

A single month’s worth of paperwork relating to employee and visitor entries and exits takes up space and may be difficult to navigate. You also need to consider that records of clocking-in times, security footage, and physical witnesses become difficult to corroborate in the event of crime or negligence. One, centralised system with multiple relays managed from a single device is far more efficient.

Our state-of-the-art SuperVision is a biometrics access control system geared towards security and monitoring requirements of South African business. To find out more, leave your details here and we will get back to you.


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