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The Benefits of Implementing Our Biometric Access Control System

Are you doing enough to ensure the safety and security of your enterprise? If not, it may be time to start considering it. Fraud, theft, and organised crime costs companies across South Africa millions of rands each year and recovering from these avoidable financial losses is almost impossible. By implementing the right solutions to mitigate such losses, you are saving your business from the hassle these future risks bring. Here at Fourier IT, our SuperVision Biometric Access Control system comes with an impressive host of advantages that one cannot afford to be without.

Criminals Are Getting Smarter

If the gatekeepers of your business include locks, latches, keypads, and tags or cards, then it may be time to think about an advanced access control system. While a lock and key or punching in a passcode are certainly a hindrance to a potential criminal, they are easy to get around and only take a little bit of research. If you can think your way around your current security setup, then so too can a thief or fraudster. Biometric security solutions such as SuperVision, however, are obstacles not as easy to overcome. Anyone restricted from your company will find it a challenge to replicate the biological data that biometric systems collect and analyse, and consequently, will be unable to get into your business without permission and supervision. Preventing fraud and burglaries is far easier than before and tracking any attempted breach of security is also now possible.

Avoid Buddy Punching and Late Coming

It is all too easy for employees to slip under the radar when it comes to where they should be. Buddy punching (employees clocking someone in during their absence) happens often, and some staff may even falsify their work hours if the system requires manual entries. A biometric access control system means that no records can be falsified when it comes to who enters and leaves, and this helps to manage employee productivity too. Employee movement is also better tracked across departments, so you know where everyone is.

Visitor and Contractor Management

A register system for signing visitors in and out daily takes much time and unnecessary paperwork. In the end, going back and looking over who has accessed which department and when becomes a challenge. Our SuperVision solution offers exported, comprehensive reports that are easily accessed whenever they need reviewing. Movement audit trails mean you will know precisely where each visitor was and how long they had access to your business.

Affordable and Straightforward to Maintain

Integrate our biometric access control system with your current security solutions in place (such as cameras) or ask for a customised option to suit your needs – the choice is yours. Now, you have a state-of-the-art, advanced solution that requires little to no maintenance at all. And, we are always on standby for any issues you may experience.

For a security access control solution that is independent of hardware, offers multi-level authentication, and makes central management a breeze, SuperVision by Fourier IT will not disappoint. If you have any questions or would like to know more about how your company can benefit from our internally developed security system, contact us here.


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