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The Importance of Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms

Anyone who works with software has probably heard the term “IoT” (or Internet of Things), but what exactly is this platform, and how does it work? An IoT platform refers to a set of mechanisms that allow software developers to complete several tasks simultaneously, including spreading out various applications, collecting data remotely, ensuring compressive connectivity, and executing things like sensor management. Installing an IoT platform allows companies to manage their connectivity easily and enables software developers to build and enhance various applications. By streamlining IT processes and devices, this platform also allows for better productivity and communication overall.

When it comes to Fourier IT and our IoT architecture, we believe that an effective system can transform business by facilitating better data collection, connecting various components, and allowing for an uninterrupted, streamlined flow of communication between multiple platforms and devices. Ultimately, this technology can better equip businesses to understand unique customer needs and create products and services to meet their needs and demands. IoT provides companies with a greater level of intelligence, and this can be utilised to enhance overall productivity and customer interaction. When customers feel understood and supported, their experience and thus retention is improved.

Features of our IoT architecture include the following:
Cloud Deployable: 

This ensures that data can be accessed from anywhere via the cloud and supports multiple devices.


Consolidate multiple devices and systems into one central contact point. This allows for an integrated reporting approach and a centralised collection of information.

Operational Dashboards: 

Easily controllable dashboards with real-time feeds. Opt for a single dashboard or multiple ones.

Command and Control: 

Various automated control features, including mobile or web access for added ease. 


Keep things secure with specialised role-specific access control options and a single portal for sign-in.

Alerts and Triggers: 

Utilise alerts to trigger specific tasks and workflow.

Operational Reporting:

Ensures clear and regular reporting for ultimate transparency and record-keeping.

Advanced Decision Support: 

The platform is big-data ready, and decisions can be easily fed to customers.

Explore Fourier IT for Superior IoT Platforms and More 

If you want to manage your data at a larger scale and ensure enhanced business intelligence and communication between devices, it might be time to discuss the benefits of our specialised IoT platform. This system can improve employee productivity, allow the better use of assets and resources, enhance work safety, allow for better management of operations, and improve customer satisfaction and retention by enhancing customer service. If you are ready to streamline processes and improve efficiency, chat with our expert team. Send us a message here, and we will gladly get back to any queries or concerns. We look forward to working with you and sharing our expert software solutions for better workflow.

When you work with the IT experts at Fourier, excellence becomes an inevitable possibility. Be sure to also explore other service offerings, such as solution advisory and architecture, decommissioning services, solution development and integration, and payment and card services. When it comes to software solutions, we are the team for the job.

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