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Top Trends for Driving DevOps

DevOps refers to a set of processes that combine software development (the Dev component) with IT operations (the Ops component.) Ultimately, it works to reduce the time it takes to develop systems and offer businesses a continuous delivery cycle whereby software operates at the highest level. Driving DevOps processes allow businesses to operate smarter, thus boosting their productivity and efficiency across the board.

Current Trends Impacting DevOps

As technology and infrastructure continuously change, different factors and trends impact DevOps. Here we explore several new trends responsible for driving DevOps:

  1. Automation

Automation levels continue to soar across organisations globally. A 2021 report reflecting on the state of DevOps noted that 90% of respondents successfully utilising DevOps had converted manual systems to automated ones. Automation requires newfound systems training so that all administrators and teams are on board with new processes. DevOps is intrinsically linked to the efficiency of an organisation, ensuring that human error is reduced and processes are streamlined.

  1. DevSecOps

Security is critical to modern systems. Better integrated security systems accelerate DevOps by protecting software supply chains from vulnerabilities and attacks. DevSecOps refers to a set of practices, approaches and tools that amalgamate software development, security solutions and IT operations. The more robust a system is, the less risk and downtime involved. As such, bolstered security enhances ultimate DevOp robustness and success, ensuring the longevity and durability of systems.

  1. Chaos Engineering

Chaos engineering is a super innovative framework that seeks to find vulnerabilities in systems before they cause issues. Such engineering works to find loopholes, allowing engineers to make systems stronger and less prone to attack. As such, they need a clear understanding of how to hack the system to work out what broke it. Chaos engineering is significantly driving DevOps processes since it allows teams to grapple with the idea of unpredictability. Chaos engineering has carved out an important niche within the software development cycle, permitting developers to reimagine how they build systems.

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