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Why Biometrics Access Control Can Save You Money in the Long Run

As a proudly South African company, Fourier IT Innovation completely understand what it is that local business owners and companies are seeking when it comes to growth and development. We also know that crime in the country is rife and that this poses a risk for any service- or product-oriented industry. Protecting your enterprise thus becomes a priority, which is precisely why we have developed a remarkable biometrics access control system.

What Is Biometrics Access Control?

Essentially, it is software that captures and analyses biological data (usually unique to a single individual) for the purposes of security. Entering and exiting a building, for example, through the use of fingerprint identification is a common way of using biometrics for access control. These systems vary across the globe, however, and can include retina scanning, facial-recognition technologies, and even voice activation. While it may seem a far-fetched type of technology only seen in science-fiction or action movies, many smartphones today already have similar capabilities. Companies across South Africa who wish to stay on the ball when it comes to security often opt for biometrics analysis for access control, as it is a far more intuitive solution.

The Problem with Standard Security

Criminals like to stay one step ahead and generally understand how to get what they want. Passcodes, keypads, locks – all these are easy barriers to get past when one understands how. A company then becomes a sitting duck, with its assets free for the picking to a thief or fraudster clever enough. One thing criminals will have difficulty with, though, is replicating an employee’s biological data. This means that restricted access remains just that – restricted.

Why to Consider Our SuperVision Access

The only way to protect your business is to gain more control over who is allowed in or out. Our SuperVision system simplifies access and identity management, which means paperwork, passcodes, and entry cards are a thing of the past. It’s clean, efficient, and easily managed. In the long run, you could save millions by preventing crime and keeping all your data on an easily tracked digital system. The advantages of this system include:

Thorough physical access control.

  • Buddy punching (when co-workers clock in for each other) is no longer possible.
  • An uncomplicated, undemanding system that is straightforward to use.
  • Entry is granted or revoked instantly, no fuss.
  • Employee movement is simple to track – you can tell the time of entries and exits too.
  • Real-time monitoring of visitors and employees.
  • Our system is fully scalable and customisable to suit your needs.

We can also include additional software upgrades to our SuperVision system, such as visitor and contractor management, and managing multiple relays from a single device. Maintenance costs are low and you are privy to our world-class team of experts ready to assist you whenever you need help.

When it comes to the success and safety of your company and staff, don’t take security for granted. Prioritise the wellbeing of your business today by looking into how our SuperVision biometrics access control can transform your operations.

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