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Why Your Company Needs Biometrics Access Control Today – It is Not Just for the Movies!

We have all seen the wonders of biometrics access control in those popular science fiction films. Characters in iconic cinema classics from Star Trek to I, Robot seem to rely upon facial recognition, voice ID, and the scanning of those basic vitas in order to be granted access into buildings and labs and consequently save the planet. However, in today’s world, with security breaches on the rise, these systems are no longer reserved for the big screen. Have you ever considered its role in the real world and how much value it can add to your company?

Biometrics access control is an innovative and fast-growing technological application that offers employers and employees ultimate peace of mind. It is hailed by many people as the safest and most effective means of individual identification and can confirm such an identity via recognition and authentication. In turn, it offers a highly reliable and a sure-fire way to ensure ultimate safety.

Here at Fourier IT, we proudly offer clients our superior SuperVision Access biometric control system. Utilising this technology makes entry and exit into any building a seamless affair and takes away the need for access cards and pin codes, which can quickly get into the wrong hands and lead to a great deal of stress. Ultimately, biometrics access control is twofold: It protects the people, and it covers the assets. This can ultimately save you billions of rands and ensures that confidential data or documents remain safe.

SuperVision biometrics access control is an incredibly secure system that works towards preventing possible fraud and eradicating companies of old-fashioned and cumbersome paper-based systems.

Biometrics Access Control

Why Choose Fourier IT and SuperVision Access for your Biometrics Access Control?

When it comes to IT solutions and services, we are the place to be. We have a range of reputable offerings from solution advisory and architecture to IT support and maintenance. We pride ourselves on offering high-value solutions to all of your technological needs and our skilled team members are always on hand to help. Some of the key benefits of choosing our biometrics access control system include:

  • Provides a clear and painless end-to-end access control for any company, no matter how big or small
  • Works via a central management system and is compatible with various software devices and systems
  • It can be upgraded as and when needed
  • Prevents instances of “buddy clocking” and thus ensures that integrity prevails within the company
  • Can grant or revoke access swiftly and thus enhance security with the click of a button
  • Low running costs once set-up has occurred
  • Monitors company in real-time and thus tracks all comings and goings

For the full range of benefits, explore the SuperVision system in greater detail here. We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your IT safety solutions. Investing a little in the prevention of crime can save you a great deal in the long run and offer you absolute peace of mind – and that is truly priceless. Chat with us today about how our biometrics solutions can best help you and your business.

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