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5 Benefits of Fourier IT’s SuperVision Access Biometric Clocking System

Biometric Clocking System

If you are searching for an affordable, premium-class biometric clocking system to enhance security and accountability at your organisation, then Fourier IT’s internally developed SuperVision Access biometric clocking system is the solution you’ve been looking for. Our system enhances identity management and access processes by utilising the biometric data of employees to grant or deny […]

Understanding the Importance of Application Decommissioning in IT

Application Decommissioning

In any industry, decommissioning processes occur. In the navy or aviation industries, for example, older ships or aeroplanes are decommissioned when they become too costly or dangerous to operate. They are replaced with newer, safer, and more financially viable options. Similarly, many applications are decommissioned in the IT sector when they no longer add value […]