SuperVision Biometric Access Control

FourierIT is a proud owner of an internally developed access control system that was built with a focus on South African business challenges.  The system simplifies access and identity management through biometrics. It completely detach business environments from pin codes and access cards.  This highly secure system can save your business millions by preventing fraud and completely replacing all paper based systems.

Why choose SuperVision?

Advanced Security Management

End-to-end physical access control

Highly secure

No buddy clocking

Central management

Easy to use​

Instant access granting/revoking​

Track movement of employees​

Fully scalable system​

Universal Control

Anti-pass back

Software is hardware independent

Emergency reports illustrating everyone in a building

Multiple access control levels—physically and logical

Multi-level authentication

Centralised data management

Additional benefits and features

  • Easily upgradeable to full time and attendance at any point
  • End to end Visitor & Contractor management easily added**
  • Multiple relays can be managed from one biometric device**
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Live clocking data
  • Compatible with various software platforms
  • Interactive reporting
  • Proven company stability – ensuring product support and continuity
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Suitable for any environment
  • Movement audit trails
  • No more replacing cards
  • Internal customisation and development
  • An affordable world class access control solution
  • Export attendance reports to multiple formats
  • Advanced device firmware download

*Additional software upgrades available for these features