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4 Benefits of Biometric Time and Attendance Systems

4 Benefits of Biometric Time and Attendance Systems

In days gone by, biometrics might have been reserved for Sci-Fi films and undercover agents; however, in today’s world, they’re a part of the mainstream business world. Biometric access control systems have recently gained massive popularity due to their reliability, user ease, and enhanced security offerings. Biometrics access control points utilise biometric data – like thumbprints or facial and voice recognition – to grant or deny building access. These systems reduce the need for pin codes and access cards – both of which can get into the wrong hands – and streamline entry processes in any environment. When you utilise our SuperVision biometric technology to track time and attendance, your firm will enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Enhanced security: The number one benefit of biometric time and attendance systems is the security benefits. Only authorised people can enter buildings, thus diminishing instances of unauthorised people accessing the building. Moreover, to further bolster security, companies can opt to further secure certain rooms or restricted areas with added biometric restrictions and entry requisites needed for employees to enter confidential spaces.
  2. Cost savings: Biometric systems that track time and attendance offer companies huge cost savings down the line. While many look at the initial costs and presume they’ll cost more, they forget that these systems reduce the need for human personnel to control entry and exit points. Since these systems scan biometric data, they can operate without human personnel and thus reduce companies’ considerable costs in terms of labour.
  3. Time savings: Not only do these systems save companies money, but they also save them time. Long gone are the days of employees frantically searching for access cards, trying to remember pins, or having to manually sign in. Any authorised individual who enters the building can be scanned and granted access within moments, saving vast amounts of time over the weeks, months, and years.
  4. Goodbye buddy-clocking: Sadly, buddy-clocking happens. Life gets busy, and employees take the chance to give a colleague their clock-out card when they need to slip out early. Biometric systems can bolster accountability by ensuring that only the authorised individual can clock out on their own behalf. This ensures that all employees honour their designated hours and reduces instances of cheating times and bunking stipulated attendance hours.

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