Biometrics System

Advance Security and Access Control with Our Superior Biometrics System

A biometrics system might just be the best thing for your business if you want to enhance staff and customer safety and the overall security at your premises. A biometrics system can recognise certain characteristics of individuals by using mathematical algorithms and uses this information to create access control solutions. Biometrics are an imperative part of any organisation and they are growing rapidly in security-oriented areas such as passport control, driving licences, identity documents, and many other industries such as governmental departments, healthcare facilities, educational departments, places of worship, and more

There is a vast range of uses for biometrics systems and here at Fourier IT we have developed an advanced system known as SuperVision. This innovative system can help you to regulate access control, no matter how big or small your company. Access control ensures that you always know who is coming into your place of work and that no one will breach security or take advantage of your time.

Fourier IT offers the following when it comes to our biometrics system services:

  • Access control
  • Time and attendance
  • Logical access
  • Visitors modules

Improve access control management with effective systems

Access control systems are brilliant for security, especially if you are working in highly confidential fields or in spaces that house valuable items such as computers or high-tech operating devices. They are also a great idea if you have a huge corporation and want to keep tabs on your staff and enhance their productivity. They can make entry and exit an easy feat, monitor who comes in and out of your workplace, eradicate the need for keys – which can easily be dropped or lost – and save money since you won’t need to hire security personnel. If you are experiencing the following issues within your company, it might just be the perfect time to invest in our superior biometrics system. The following problem areas can be easily rectified when you choose such a system:

  • Late employees.
  • Unauthorised visitors walking in and out freely.
  • Interdepartmental theft and security breaches.
  • Employees who claim overtime but are not able to prove their hours.

Why Choose Fourier IT?

We are a key player in the South African Technology Solution Value Chain and our dynamic team has over 21 years experience in the digital realm. We are passionate about quality customer service, consistency, innovation, and robust solutions. We keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest technological developments and strive to offer cutting-edge, productive solutions to our clients every single time. We are a favoured supplier in several prominent South African industries, including mining, engineering, and financial.

Here at Fourier IT, we look forward to broadening our repertoire and helping all businesses enjoy the benefits of biometrics systems and more. If you want to enhance access control and are looking to up your security, then it is time to get in touch with us and explore the range of services that we have on offer.