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What Type Of Company Can Assist With Decommissioning an Application

IT Specialist Companies that Assist with Decommissioning an Application

In the world of ever-changing and advancing technology, decommissioning services are becoming all the more popular. These services work to decommission obsolete or legacy systems to install newer, more innovative applications. Older applications come with a hefty price tag and often slow down systems, resulting in diminished workflow and day-to-day operations. That is why you need a reputable company to assist.

Decommissioning an Application

When it comes to finding the best companies to assist with the job, it is essential to choose a provider who will utilise a strategic approach to systematically retire older applications and install better ones. Here at Fourier IT, we offer clients our eight-step decommissioning plan and will assist with every aspect of the process. When choosing a service provider to assist, it is essential to go with companies that offer these eight comprehensive steps.

Choose Companies that Implement the Eight-Step Decommissioning Process

Choose IT companies who offer a comprehensive decommissioning plan, including the following steps:

  1.  The Initiation Phase

Here, the team will be chosen, and we will establish communication with the relevant people and stakeholders. The team will most likely request architecture work in order to get the ball rolling and plan the project ahead. At this point, the decommissioning process will be requested and hopefully approved.

  1. Analysis

Here, we analyse existing infrastructure and plan the following steps, creating our vision and objective and determining the end goal of the process.

  1. Planning Phase

Once objectives are set, we then plan the specific tasks needed to achieve them. Since such a process involves various individuals and teams, crucial planning is paramount. With good planning, a greater return on investment (ROI) will be realised.

  1. Communication Plan

Now it is time to communicate plans so that important information can be effectively communicated to staff. We will discuss proposed changes and thoroughly communicate how they will impact specific aspects of the business and assist employees where necessary.

  1. Decommission Plan

Step 5 is all about planning the actual decommission. Here, we will determine the specifics. For example, are we decommissioning an entire system or replacing it? We will also agree upon the exact time and date of the process, so that everyone is on board.

  1. CAB

This is an integral step in which we mitigate any potential risks by determining how to best balance the process.

  1. Execution of the Plan

Now it is time to execute the plan and decommission the system. Depending on the size of the application, times will vary. We can complete the project at the time most convenient to you. 

  1. Post-Implementation Services

Here the critical stakeholders in change management will review the process and ensure that all objectives and tasks have been effectively implemented for your application. We will also offer after-service support and assist with any issues that arise.

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