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The Importance of Solution Development and Integration for Your Business

If you want to build a successful IT infrastructure, you’ve got to work with IT experts who understand the importance of solution development and integration. These are two critical phases when it comes to digitising your business and creating the best possible IT solutions. Let’s unpack each phase in greater detail.

What is Solution Development?

Solution development is all about finding an organisation’s challenges and creating digital solutions to tackle them. The Fourier IT development team is comprised of developers, solution architects, business and systems analysts, and a qualified project manager who will oversee the entire process. This enables us to manage all aspects of your business and develop the best possible IT solutions to streamline operations. Our development phase considers all departments in your organisation and includes several key services including customised solutions, web-based interfaces, IoT and the optimisation of existing systems.Solution Development and Integration

What is Solution Integration?

Once we’ve developed a bespoke solution for your business needs, it’s time to integrate it accordingly. Integrated systems mean that every stakeholder within the company can access the system with confidence and ease, ensuring a better flow of communication. System integration also provides that all IT elements work harmoniously to ensure boosted productivity and consistency of data. The solution integration phase has several vital processes, including database integration, point-to-point, SOAP, API and the application of security directives. We also work hard to integrate and build automated workflow solutions at this point, further bolstering productivity and business success.

Both the solution development and integration phases will be customised to your organisation and its unique needs to ensure maximum efficiency and a streamlined solution that benefits all departments and teams.

Why is Solution Development and Integration Essential for Businesses?

Whatever sector you’re in, solution development and integration are paramount to overall business success. When you implement these solutions (with the support of our expert team), you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Boosted productivity across departments
  • Added efficiency and ease when it comes to accessing data
  • Enhanced sales due to a better ability to serve and communicate with customers
  • Happier work culture due to employees feeling more supported and reducing burnout
  • A reduction in costly IT fees each month (since you won’t have to worry about worn-out legacy applications)
  • Fewer bottlenecks and slowdowns, meaning a greater output of work
  • Enhanced data security
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