IoT Platform

Our IoT architecture can unlock value from any stage along the IoT maturity journey

Fourier’s IoT platform starts with the consumption of the sensor data from the edge, this can be directly from the sensor/gateway; via a telemetry aggregator; or should a telemetry data stream already be in place, directly from the existing integration layer.  The platform and stack is scalable and built around SOA principles which therefore allows for scalability and replacement of components (Eg. if an existing AI/ML platform is in place, the platform can be configured to use the same). The IoT platform also allows for the consumption of external data sources to enhance and enrich data for decision-making as well as possessing the capability to integrate into other systems either as additional data sources or to provide input.  The platform is also able to extend its function with new and unknown devices and protocols over time.

Fourier’s IoT Architecture

Platform Features & Capabilities

Fourier’s IoT Architecture

  • Access from anywhere
  • Multiple devices supported
  • Secure environment
  • Customised views, roles, and access levels
  • Single point of contact and interaction for multiple assets
  • Integrated reporting across multiple devices
  • Manage by exception based on defined rules
  • Multi-tenancy allows multiple functions to be executed
  • View device real-time feeds and status on a single dashboard
  • Multiple dashboards focussing on asset classification
  • Optional Geo-spatial representation of assets
  • Easy access to command and control capability
  • Easy access through web or mobile devices
  • Directly affect devices through direct commands
  • Automated command and control functions
  • Role-based access control
  • Single sign-on web-portal
  • Basic and complex rules-based alerts
  • Alerts can be sent through any medium
  • Customised alerts-only interface available
  • Alerts can be used as a trigger to engage a workflow
  • Operational transparency available
  • Standard time interval reporting
  • Default standards included
  • Allows for customised reports
  • Reports can be accessible through a log-on mechanism
  • Operational report mechanism can be expanded
  • Platform is big-data ready.
  • AI and BI decisions can be fed to the customer

Dashboard and Command and Control Samples

ERP system

Integrated Reporting Samples