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Which Access Control Systems Are Right For Your Business?

Different Types of Access Control Systems – What Is Right for Your Business?

Access control systems are popular in a myriad of industries, including legal sectors, governmental departments, educational institutions, military bases, and embassies. These systems ensure that only authorised personnel can enter the premises at a given time, thus ensuring that unwanted personnel cannot enter. This bolsters security by ensuring that only approved individuals can enter the space. When it comes to access control, there are several types that companies can choose, depending on their unique needs and budget. Here, we examine a few popular varieties, including our internally developed SuperVision system at Fourier IT, which utilises biometric technology.

  • Mechatronic Access Control: Mechatronic systems combine both electronic and physical security elements to enhance safety. These systems usually require an electronic and physical element. In such an instance, the electronic component will grant access after checking a biometrical feature (such as an iris scan or fingerprint) or card, and thereafter, the person can use a key or code to enter the premises. This is a high-security solution since it requires two types of authentication. Nonetheless, if pins or cards get into the wrong hands, safety infringements can still ensue.
  • Physical Access Control: Physical barriers can serve as a great way to boost security and are often found at the entrance of buildings. Popular choices include security interlocks, sensor barriers, tripod turnstiles, half or full-height turnstiles, and revolving doors. These elements often work alongside other security mechanisms, such as electronic systems and biometric controls.
  • Biometric Access Control: Biometric access control uses biometrical data to grant employees access to a building. Instead of staff needing to carry cards or remember pin codes (both of which can easily get into the wrong hands and lead to security breaches), the devices utilise biometrical data to grant entry. Since biometrics data can clearly pinpoint individuals and monitor who enters and exits the premises, business owners can also monitor employee accountability and ensure they are working their designated hours. This feature also prevents instances of buddy clocking to further boost transparency at work.

Chat with Fourier IT About Comprehensive Biometrics Access Control Systems

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If you want to boost security and enjoy ultimate peace of mind, explore our comprehensive internally developed SuperVision software. When you work with us, you can guarantee the following:

  • Greater security since only authorised individuals can enter the building
  • Zero stress regarding lost access cards or pin codes getting into the wrong hands
  • A clear record of everyone who enters the building for record-keeping in the event of security problems
  • Cost savings since you won’t need as many security personnel to monitor entry points

For more information on how SuperVision can help you, get in touch with us. Give us a call at +27 12 667 3232. We will gladly tell you about SuperVision and answer any queries that you might have. Biometric security mechanisms can truly enhance business success, leading to safer and smarter workplaces. If you’re ready to explore the wonders of biometric technology, chat with us today.

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