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Biometrics Access Control for Your Office Building

When it comes to enhancing your organisation’s accountability and security, a modern biometrics access control system is the ideal solution. With a convenient system that is easy to manage and scale, you can leverage biometric technology to implement best practices for your organisation’s security.

With the global biometric technology market expected to exceed R2.6 trillion by 2025, these systems have a lot of potential to offer businesses of all sizes.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can benefit from biometric access systems for your business.

What Is Biometrics Access Control?

Biometrics simply refers to the measurement of unique human characteristics like retinas and fingerprints. When combined with access control, it can provide organisations with an effective security measure.

Biometric clocking systems are continually evolving and have multiple layers of authentication in place, making them a reliable solution for access control.

biometrics access control

Benefits of Biometrics Access Control for Buildings

Biometric access technology has many benefits to offer organisations:

  • More secure than PINs and passwords. Biometric door access controls are more secure than simply using PINs or passwords, as biometrics can’t be shared or easily replicated.
  • More convenient for employees. Biometric access devices offer a straightforward way of accessing a building or property as there are no difficult passcodes to remember or key cards to carry.
  • It’s cost-efficient. Biometric security systems can be set up without the requirement of expensive hardware, making them more cost-efficient than other solutions.

Types of Biometric Access Locks

Most biometric locks work in a similar way by storing unique data and matching it to provide access to a user. However, there are differences in the way they are set up, the security they offer, and their efficiency.

  • Facial Recognition

Facial recognition systems work by capturing unique points of a person’s face and creating a record that can later be matched. These systems are extremely accurate and allow for a completely touch-free entry experience.

  • Fingerprint Locks

Fingerprints are among the most unique attributes people have, making them very useful for biometric access control systems. They scan and analyse a fingerprint for distinctive features and match it with an approved user to grant them access.

  • Retina Scanners

Using infrared light, these door locks match the unique patterns of a person’s retina to approve them for access. Retina scanners are highly accurate and ideal for organisations looking to improve their access control security measures.

Is a Biometrics Access Control System Right for Your Business?

Biometric access systems are typically ideal for organisations that have a large workforce or those that want their existing systems to integrate with biometric systems.

When comparing biometric security access systems, consider the possible costs for installation based on the number of products you’ll need and how many entries you want to include.

Also be sure to consider ongoing maintenance as a key cost factor, as regular updates and upkeep will be required to keep the system running smoothly and accurately.

Fourier IT’s Innovative SuperVision Solution

Biometric access control can be a significant security improvement for your organisation if implemented correctly. If you’re looking for the best biometric security solutions, get in touch with us today at +27 12 667 3232 to find out more about our SuperVision system.


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