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5 Benefits of Fourier IT’s SuperVision Access Biometric Clocking System

If you are searching for an affordable, premium-class biometric clocking system to enhance security and accountability at your organisation, then Fourier IT’s internally developed SuperVision Access biometric clocking system is the solution you’ve been looking for. Our system enhances identity management and access processes by utilising the biometric data of employees to grant or deny entry. Whether you use the system at your building’s entrance or more comprehensively throughout the organisation to determine different access zones, this technology can improve security, attendance, administrative processes, and money management throughout your organisation.Biometric Clocking System

Here we explore five benefits of our innovative biometric clocking system technology.

  1. Robust Security: Security is enhanced with biometric solutions since the technology is extremely accurate and will only allow those who are authorised to enter the building. Unfortunately, identity tags and pin codes can all too easily get into the wrong hands, resulting in substantial security breaches and potential safety risks. Our technology thus bolsters organisational security by ensuring that only authorised personnel enter the premises.
  2. Huge Cost Savings: Biometric access control technology can result in significant cost savings, meaning that this technology offers businesses a huge return on investment. Not only will you enjoy monumental cost savings when you go paperless, but you’ll also prevent the need to fork out hundreds of thousands in light of a security leak. Moreover, biometric clocking systems also mean that companies can cut down on security personnel and use the technology to manage entrance and exit points.
  3. Employee Accountability: Biometric technology ensures total employee accountability and transparency since no one can fake or falsify biometrics. Unfortunately, buddy clocking occurs, and this can make it tricky for large companies to monitor all employees. Biometric clocking systems give you a clear record of exactly when employees enter or exit the building, meaning that time theft becomes a thing of the past.
  1. Improves Payroll System: Since companies won’t have to manually track hours or overtime, biometric technology can simplify the payroll process and keep a clear, digital record of all hours worked. This saves time, allowing administrators to focus their energies on other pressing tasks.
  2. Easy to Upgrade: Another benefit of our biometric clocking system is that it is hassle-free to upgrade, meaning that you can upgrade to a complete system whenever necessary or add further access points and zones when needed. Scale the system according to your company’s specific requirements and budget.

Fourier IT Provides Comprehensive Security Solutions and More

If you are ready to upgrade security, enhance employee accountability, and protect critical information and assets, then consider the merits of installing biometric clocking systems at your organisation. Chat with our expert team, and we will gladly advise you about the next steps ahead. When you choose a biometric clocking system with Fourier IT, success is guaranteed. Be sure to also explore our other service offerings, including solution advisory and architecture, decommissioning services, payment and card services, and more.


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