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BizDevOps is a critical set of practices that combine software development (the dev component), IT operations (the ops part), and your business goals (the biz bit). Ultimately, it works to converge various elements so that software can be developed efficiently. When BizDevOps go according to plan, operations are streamlined, and profits can be maximised. There are many benefits to outsourcing these processes.

In days gone by, different teams would operate individually in silos. Development sectors, operations sectors, and management sectors each worked individually to develop different components of the software, and the ultimate result amalgamated these isolated efforts. In practice, the development team generated the code; operations sectors managed it once created; and the management sector analysed key performance indicators (KPIs).

While this worked practically, it did not always result in optimal cohesion, enhanced financial success, and streamlined operations. This is where BizDevOps came in, breaking down the silos and enhancing software development and analytics thereafter.

When you opt for BizDevOps outsourcing with our expert IT team, you can enjoy the following advantages:

Faster delivery

Superior results

Reduced security risk

Lower expenses

When you work with the team at Fourier IT and choose BizDevOps outsourcing, we will follow these steps:

Normalisation: Various teams determine standard operating system settings and use version control.

Standardisation: Teams build software on a standardised technology set.

Expansion: Individuals start working without the need for approval, deployment patterns are reused, and all changes are tested rigorously before production begins.

Automated Infrastructure Delivery: Various components are automated during this stage, including systems configurations, provisioning, and security policy.

Self-Service: At this stage, different parties can access resources via self-service and technology design and development is executed.

Ultimately, the outsourcing process seeks to check off the following tasks:

Define the core problem

Create a code in order to address it

Test it within the specific environment

Set provisions for the operational environment

Monitor and control the process

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