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Understanding the Importance of Application Decommissioning in IT

Application Decommissioning

Decommissioning is a common process across various industries, whether it’s retiring ships in the Navy or airplanes in aviation due to cost or safety concerns. Similarly, in the realm of IT, numerous applications undergo decommissioning when they cease to contribute value or fulfill their intended purpose. The replacement of these outdated applications with newer, safer, […]

Collection and Recovery Systems are essential to banking in a digital future.

More banks are expanding their offering through secured lending products to their customers.  The process of managing and monitoring these loans and collections demands more sophisticated applications and advanced systems. In an ever-developing collections landscape within the financial sector, banks need to have a robust collection and recovery system in place to manage delinquent accounts […]

The Important Role of IoT Architecture in the IoT Platform

IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items that connect and exchange data. IoT technology is growing, and the concept envisions a future where everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data and be monitored and controlled remotely. We look at […]

Biometrics Access Control for Your Office Building

biometrics access control

When it comes to enhancing your organisation’s accountability and security, a modern biometrics access control system is the ideal solution. With a convenient system that is easy to manage and scale, you can leverage biometric technology to implement best practices for your organisation’s security. With the global biometric technology market expected to exceed R2.6 trillion […]

5 Benefits of Fourier IT’s SuperVision Access Biometric Clocking System

Biometric Clocking System

If you are searching for an affordable, premium-class biometric clocking system to enhance security and accountability at your organisation, then Fourier IT’s internally developed SuperVision Access biometric clocking system is the solution you’ve been looking for. Our system enhances identity management and access processes by utilising the biometric data of employees to grant or deny […]

Making the Most of IT Support Services

IT Support Services

IT support services are provided to companies by specialised IT providers, like Fourier IT. Most companies in the modern world utilise technology, and because of this, most of them need to access IT support services from time to time. As technology changes at lightning speed, many businesses struggle to keep up with all the necessary […]

Reasons Why Businesses Need Decommissioning Services

Decommissioning Services

Application decommissioning services are vital in any business, either when systems are upgraded or when a company is closing down. This strategic approach works to systematically retire outdated or expensive legacy programs and applications safely and effectively. Professional decommissioning services do this without compromising company needs or compliance requirements. As technological innovation skyrockets, many companies […]

The Importance of Solution Development and Integration for Your Business

software development

If you want to build a successful IT infrastructure, you’ve got to work with IT experts who understand the importance of solution development and integration. These are two critical phases when it comes to digitising your business and creating the best possible IT solutions. Let’s unpack each phase in greater detail. What is Solution Development? […]

Top Trends for Driving DevOps

Driving DevOps

DevOps refers to a set of processes that combine software development (the Dev component) with IT operations (the Ops component.) Ultimately, it works to reduce the time it takes to develop systems and offer businesses a continuous delivery cycle whereby software operates at the highest level. Driving DevOps processes allow businesses to operate smarter, thus […]

Understanding Software as a Service


Most of us have probably heard the word “software” a million times but have you ever explored software as a service? Software as a Service (more commonly known as SaaS) is a specialised way in which IT companies can manage a company’s applications using the Internet. Instead of businesses having to install and maintain their […]

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