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5 Advantages of Fourier IT’s Access Control System

SuperVision – Biometric Access Control System

Access control technology has garnered traction in multiple sectors, including financial institutions, government embassies, legal firms, and places of education. If you want to upgrade internal security and enhance employee accountability, then Fourier IT’s internally developed access control system, SuperVision, will result in a fantastic return on investment.

So, what exactly is SuperVision technology, and how can it benefit your business? This technology utilises biometric data to recognise authorised individuals. Rather than staff remembering pin codes or carrying access cards, the system can identify employees based on their unique credentials and features – be it a fingerprint, an iris scan, or vocal recognition. Our system is easily compatible with existing software and can be upgraded to suit any environment, making it an obvious solution for companies, whether they are big or small.

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Here we explore five benefits of our Supervision access control security solution:

  1. Bolsters Security: The number-one reason companies invest in access control systems is that it bolsters security. While pin codes and access cards can quickly get into the wrong hands, biometric technology is foolproof. Only authorised individuals can enter the premises, which ensures that no potential security threats enter the premises.
  2. Records Everyone Who Enters and Exists: Biometric access control technology creates a clear data record of all movement in the building, thus building an audit trail of all movement. In the event of any security breach, security personnel can quickly check the data record and see who was in the building.
  3. Enhanced Security in Confidential Areas: Access control can also be used to protect sensitive areas such as data offices, financial departments, and data centres. Add layers of authorisation for accessing specific areas and only allow authorised personnel to enter them. Moreover, create clear perimeters as to when authorisation works for particular staff members and grant entry on certain days and times for added security if needed.
  4. Protects Data: While physical security is paramount, you also want to protect sensitive data too. This is why our technology is so prevalent in legal, financial, and governmental institutions. This system can ensure that private information isn’t leaked as this could have disastrous consequences for business, clients, finances, and reputation.
  5. Greater Employee Accountability: A further benefit of SuperVision is that it enhances employee accountability and ensures that people are working when they say they are. This keeps teams above board and creates a greater culture of transparency and trust.

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