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Real-life Sci-Fi: The Biometric Clocking System

Biometrics has long been depicted in science fiction, from the retinal scans needed to access the Bond villain’s lair to the fingerprint access controls of futuristic research labs. But like much other technology that was once science fiction, a functional biometric clocking system is something that any business has access to and can benefit from. At least in this arena, the future is here, and a biometric clocking system can automate and simplify a range of processes related to security, access control, and productivity tracking.
How Does Biometric Clocking Work?

Each of us is unique, not just in the abstract sense, but physiologically as well. Though we also hold much in common with one another, there are certain patterns (like the sequences of our DNA, the swirls of our fingerprints, the details of our retinas and the cadence of our voices) that are entirely unique to each of us. Through the effective identification of one or more of these unique identifiers, individuals can be accurately tracked as they pass through scanning points, or selectively given and barred access to certain areas in this way. This hardware, in combination with specialised software, makes it possible to automate previously tedious manual processes such as an employee clocking system, security clearance and access to certain areas or information.

Why Your Business Needs a Biometric Clocking System:


A great deal of resources can be freed up by automating key security and tracking processes when using a biometric clocking system.


Save both your company and the environment by vastly increasing the extent to which your business is paperless. No more endless files of handwritten sign-in sheets taking up storage space.


Precise tracking of employees through biometric clocking makes keeping accurate and reliable productivity logs easy, which maximises employee performance.

Enhances Existing Systems:

Biometric tracking and access control can simplify and enhance existing systems, such as payroll management, by providing precise data in terms of employee overtime and so on.


The unfortunate reality is that many security procedures are flouted on a daily basis because of their inconvenience. By making these procedures automated and effortless through biometric clocking, businesses can make sure that no corners are being cut when it comes to security and access control.

Your Data is Safe

A biometric clocking system works simply by matching a biometric identifier (usually a fingerprint) to an employee ID number. No other personal information is connected to the system, meaning that biometric clocking’s enhancement of security extends even to itself.

Get a Biometric Clocking System Solution for Your Business

The often cumbersome, but essential, processes of productivity tracking, access control, and internal security can be made so efficient as to be almost effortless through a biometric clocking system like Fourier IT’s SuperVision. We have developed the SuperVision Biometric Access Control system specifically with the needs of South African businesses in mind. If you’d like to find out more about how your business can be enhanced by this bit of real-life sci-fi technology, get in touch with us today for a consultation.

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